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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and how it could impact the morning commute. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where the city will unveil a new report showing how to reduce crime in the area. but it comes on the heels of another report showing one particular crime is up >> the sea breeze is back, low clouds and fog surging onshore, with drizzle. warmer days ahead. we'll explain coming up. >> drive times in the east bay are growing. we'll have the latest on that plus a check of mass transit coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, may 8. i'm michelle griego. frank has the morning off. time now is 5:00. marin county commuters to san francisco could be in for a bumpy slow ride this morning. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the golden gate bridge with an update on this very messy pavement problem. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and i have good news on both fronts. it should be a smoother ride hopefully no hazards flying at your windshield, and the traffic should be basically back to normal. definitely different than what
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we saw during yesterday's morning commute. the problem over the last 24 hours was some paving work that was done overnight monday. the asphalted unraveled because of the way it was set. it was papered so it would be a smoother drive. but that plan backfired. the asphalt began to break up and sent pieces of rock everywhere during yesterday's morning commute. >> the golden gate bridge we had to nice smooth paper but the paper didn't hold up. >> reporter: so then yesterday afternoon bridge officials partially shut down the freeway for a sweeper to clean up the mess. and then a 1,000-foot section of the middle lane near the north tower was closed overnight so it could b repaved. the commute is expected to be normal now that all lanes are open. live at the golden gate bridge, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the repaving is part of an
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ongoing seismic retrofit project on the golden gate bridge. today caltrans said it would have a final decision on what to do about the breaking bolts on the new bay bridge span. nearly 3 dozen cracked as they were tightened in march. their failure has raised questions about nearly 200 more bolts manufactured at the same time. we can expect an announcement today as to whether the bridge will open on labor day weekend as planned. governor jerry brown is not too concerned about the bridge problems, though. speaking to newspaper reporters, he said, quote, don't know if it's a setback, saying engineers are working on a fix and added that it's, quote, premature to pull our hair out. the governor feels people understand that things do go wrong. he says, quote, i mean, look, "stuff" happens. unquote. firefighters up in oakland this morning after fire damages a popular bakery. crews were called to merritt bakery and restaurant at east 18th street and second avenue about a quarter to 3:00 this morning. the fire was brought under control in less than an hour. merritt bakery has been a
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staple in the city since the early 1950s. no word yet on the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage. oakland police are investigating a pair of shootings including one that had firefighters ducking for cover. someone fired bullets at a fire station on 50th avenue last night. there are no reports of any injuries there. but firefighters say they scrambled to safety. it was a short distance from a fatal shooting just before 9 p.m. on melrose avenue. that's oakland's 35th homicide of the year, 10 behind last year's pace. police are looking into whether the two shootings are related. and today, oakland will reveal a new report on ways the city can reduce crime. kpix 5's cate caugiran joins us now with a preview and a new report on robberies in the city. cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. this report cost the city about $250,000 and this morning, neighbors are hoping the city can get its money's worth.
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now, the report was prepared by a team of law enforcement consultants including bill bratton the former l.a. police chief and commissioner of the boston and new york police departments. this comes on the heels of a less favorable report in the "oakland tribune" which called oakland the robbery capital of america. the report was based off 2011 fbi figures that surveyed cities with more than 100,000 people. it shows oakland had 851 robberies per 100,000 residents. that's significantly higher than number 2 cleveland ohio. san francisco was the second worst in the bay area with richmond and antioch not far behind. the trib says there are more than 4300 robberies reported in oakland last year. that's an average of 12 per day. now, the mayor of oakland called the numbers unacceptable. she is currently seeking city council approval to pay for more police officers. reporting live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5.
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>> all right, cate, thank you so much. it is 5:04 right now. is it already? >> already 5:04. >> we are just cooking along this morning. a little breezy. >> you're sitting in my chair. >> i feel good about that. i feel really good about that! [ laughter ] >> folks, around the bay area, changes this morning, low clouds and fog surging back onshore as michelle mentioned. we have a sea breeze out there now carrying the fog inland and it's thick enough that we have some drizzle. michelle is kicking me out of her chair now. we have that cutoff low that is spinning east now sliding on out. some wrap around moisture still working its way back into california but things settling down rain-wise here. i think over the bay we are -- we have cloudy skies at this time. the temperatures running mainly into the 50s at this hour. i think as we head toward the afternoon, we are going to see a mixed bag. still quite a few clouds around especially near the coastline. cool to mild day ahead. yesterday we had temperatures in the 60s and mid-70s. probably a little bit cooler than that. 73 degrees not bad and mild in
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livermore but only 61 degrees in san francisco. and 71 in san jose. there is some warmer weather on the way. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. slowdowns through highway 4 in the westbound lanes through antioch just the usual stuff at 5:06 this morning. other times creeping up including westbound 580 through the livermore valley up 20 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. still in the clear up the nimitz. they just cleared overnight roadwork and down the eastshore preparing approaching the macarthur maze. all lanes back open on the golden gate bridge. they had one lane open in each direction overnight so they could fix the paving problem they encountered yesterday but we just got off the phone with them and they say all lanes are back to normal so they will have four southbound lanes open to commuter traffic, two in the northbound direction and so far everything is looking good back to normal. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. the suspects in the kidnapping of three cleveland women will be in court this
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morning. the "daily mail" got ahold of these photos from inside the house. that's one of the suspects ariel castro with an ex- girlfriend. you can see the padlock on the basements door. his son tells the "daily mail" his father was extremely secretive and wouldn't let him in certain rooms. vinita nair joins us now from cleveland where police are building their case against the suspects and also, the victims' families, this must be very emotional for them. >> reporter: i just spoke with a cousin of the family and she says the family is in a state of shock. they feel like they were misrepresented and that's know what could be happening in a house of horrors. we are hearing more of the details of what was going on. we have heard that inside the home where these women were held captive for more than a decade, one of the women reportedly has told police that she was pregnant multiple times. she says the captors were actually beating her in order to ensure she would lose the
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pregnancies. michelle? >> there were reports that neighbors called police. the police say there are no records of any calls. what's going on with that? >> reporter: police are telling us there are no records of any criminal activity in the home but they have in fact confirmed that in 2004 they vivid the home on a separate incident altogether and that no one answered the door. they visited the home on a separate incident. neighbors are telling conflicting stories. a neighbor three doors down said point-blank i called multiple times. he saw a 6-year-old girl in the attic woman who is the child of one of these women. the man said he told the police they have a child, and he said he saw these women in compromising positions in the backyard. he immediately called police. he says again, no response. but police again are saying a very different thing. they are telling cbs news they have no record of any of these calls. >> and vinita, you're talking about people in the
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neighborhood who have been around for many years not knowing that this was going on inside the home. and apparently, police as you said went in 2004 to the home. how did no one see these women or the little girl? >> reporter: that is the question that everyone here in this tight-knit puerto rican commute is asking themselves. to give you insight into ariel castro himself, there are reports from neighbors that during this more than 10-year period, he was actually actively participating in the search for these three girls. by that i mean he was handing out flyers. he was playing music in honor of them n, at one vigil he comforted one of these women. in this tight-knit community they had no idea this was happening right under their noses. these three women were not abducted far from where they were found less than two miles. >> just very shocking. all right. vinita nair in cleveland, thank you for the very latest. and there are new questions
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about safety requirements in the wake of that deadly limousine fire on the san mateo bridge. the limo is not required to under go a state safety inspection or carry a fire extinguisher because the modified 1999 lincoln town car was licensed to carry fewer than 10 people. inspections are required every 15 months for larger limos, shuttles and buses. the parents of the bride killed in the fire say they learned of their daughter's death through the media. neriza fojas's parents told the tv station in the philippines they received several confusing phone calls that hinted at the tragedy. fojas was one of five women killed in last weekend's fire. she had had been planning a second wedding in the philippines . speers special search dogs and divers will be looking for clues in the leila fowler murder case. she was killed in her home last month. they have been searching for evidence in the home and nearby ponds.
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loved ones gathered yesterday at a cemetery in manteca for leila's funeral. but the media was kept away. time now is 5:10. benghazi bombshell. was military help denied during a military attack on the consulate in libya? >> delta is doing damage control for a wrong shipment. >> this is no stunt. how a fender-bender left a man clinging to the hood of a car. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he jumps on to a car's hood- and hangs on for d a georgia man goes to great lengths to catch a hit- and-run driver. he jumps on a car's hood and hangs on for dear life as the driver speeds away. the man was angry that his wife's car had been hit and didn't want the offender to escape. he finally hopped off, though, luckily he was uninjured. but the driver got away. i don't know, at that point, liz, you just get the pen and paper out and get the license plate number, right? >> i don't know. sometimes you have to let it go. he had a big smile on his face afterwards. he is not always an angry guy. outside, we'll show you some traffic cameras. we're doing well so far. no big hot spots. we have a couple of fender- bender but nothing out there blocking lanes. here's a live look at the bay bridge approaching the "s" curve. all lanes so far moving at the
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limit this morning all the way across the upper deck. in fact, all your bridges are pretty much problem-free. we have been calling chp to get the latest but there really is no latest if you are crossing the san mateo bridge. everything is good out of hayward toward foster city. this is what it looks like at 880 and 237 in silicon valley. we have a camera right there, boom, coming around the ben, that westbound 237 right so far still looks good towards sunnyvale. top speeds up and down 880 as well between milpitas and free. through the altamont pass this drive time is slightly jumping. you can see some slowing on our sensors now so that will probably increase as the morning continues. 21 minutes though right now out of the altamont pass towards 680 and the dublin interchange. so expect to see some delays as well on 205 out of tracy. westbound highway 4 right on schedule starting to see those usual brake lights between "a" street and loveridge. but then once you get closer to concord and willow pass things
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improve. that's 59 miles per hour. so that's a live traffic sensor showing current conditions in those westbound lanes,and eastbound against the commute no delay at all. getting a quick look along the peninsula, there was one earlier crash northbound 101 approaching oregon expressway in palo alto. already cleared to the right- hand shoulder so as you can see, 101 and 280 are all problem-free. we're not seeing one yellow sensor out there all the way towards san mateo county. let's go outside and show you -- or, rather, we'll show you 880 a little later. let's talk to you about your forecast. here's lawrence with a check on weather. >> all right. i was in the north bay and i saw that whole golden gate bridge mess yesterday. >> crazy. >> it was just terrible. backed up an hour, hour and a half. it was a mess. hopefully they get that cleaned up. around the bay area today, the low clouds and fog have surged back onshore. we're seeing drizzle at the coast so things damp so watch out for that. otherwise clouds extending into
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the bay and also the valleys this afternoon. becoming partly cloudy, cool at the beach 50s. 60s inside the the bay and 70s and mild inland. but still some lingering clouds, as well. that area of low pressure kicking eastward dragging with it some clouds but the wraparound clouds still spreading into california. still some rain showing up in the central part of the state so the showers coming ton and and it looks like it will start to slide out. we have drier weather on way. it looks like warmer weather, too, especially in the latter part of the week. temperatures today 77 degrees in sacramento. watch out in the high country. could see some thunderstorms in toward the lake tahoe area about 57 degrees. 79 and dry in fresno. 62 degrees partly cloudy into monterey bay. inside our bay today we'll see temperatures running up in the 70s into the south bay 50s and 60s at the coastline with lingering low clouds there. east bay should see partly cloudy skies and some mild temperatures mainly into the 70s and then inside the bay it will take a little bit longer for the clouds to clear out so we'll keep you cooler 61 in of is, 58 degrees and cloudy into
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daly city and about 70 degrees a little sunshine and clouds in towards santa rosa. next couple of days, we are going to start to march the temperatures up a few degrees and then as we head toward friday and the weekend high pressure builds in nicely temperatures moving up into the 80s in the warmest spots inland before cooling off as we look toward next week. >> not bad. i like it. i like the warm weekend. >> yeah. >> all right, lawrence, thanks. today a house committee will hold a hearing regarding last year's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. one witness is expected to testify that he asked for air support during the initial attack but was denied. >> this is one of the most disturbing parts of gregory hicks' testimony is that assets were available, they were military in nature, the best trained, best equipped and most likely to be able to save lives and they were taken off the plane. >> ambassador chris stevens was killed during the september 11th attacks.
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yesterday members of the u.s. senate questioned deborah jones, president obama's choice to replace stevens. the case against the colorado theater shooting suspect takes a new direction. attorneys for james holmes says he now plans to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. holmes is charged with murdering 12 people and wounding nearly 60 others inside an aurora theater last july. the trial is scheduled to begin next february. former south carolina governor mark sanford has redeemed his political career. sidelined by an infidelity scandal, he won back his old congressional see the defeating elizabeth colbert bush sister of steven colbert taking 54% of the vote. delaware is the 11th state in the u.s. to legalize same- sex marriage. the governor signed the legislation minutes after the senate approved it. it goes into effect july 1. and minnesota is expected to become the 12th state when its house of representatives votes on the matter tomorrow.
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delta airlines is apologizing after it shipped the wrong body to a family in virginia for funeral. stanley williams' body was supposed to come home for burial this week. but delta crew workers put on the wrong shipping label sending a different body to williams' family. >> it's hard enough that you have to bury one of your loved ones and then to find out the airline screwed up and prolonged the process? it's crazy. it's unbelievable. >> delta airlines is investigating the reason for the mix-up. williams' family eventually received the right body but the funeral was postponed by a day. it's 5:20. coming up, a tough night for bay area baseball fans. plus, what a way to make history. the sharks sweep the canucks. we have last night's game highlights. but first, as we count down to opening day, here's a look at the new bay bridge. san jose. look at 'em.
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sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ size, all right. we have the giants game tonight, part -- all right. we have the giants game tonight. partly cloudy, cool, temperatures of 61 degrees. a little drizzle outside right now, too. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and all lanes if you haven't heard are back open on the golden gate bridge after emergency repairs yesterday partially blocked one lane. and traffic is moving at the
5:24 am
limit. we'll have much more "timesaver traffic" coming up. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. some local sports history last night in downtown san jose. the sharks for the first time ever swept a stanley cup playoffs series. the canucks led 3-2 in the bird theard but joe pavelski -- in the third period, but joe pavelski tied it at 3. then in overtime patrick marleau scored the game winner. a 4-3 victory and four-game sweep. another rocky outing for san francisco giants starter tim lincecum. philadelphia's chase utley made it 3-0 with a second hit of the game. that was in the second inning. then in the 5th, utley hit his 7th home run of the season. there it is. the phillies beat the giants 6- 2. they will wrap up the series this afternoon at at&t park. the oakland as at cleveland, there was no score in the 5th when the as' brandon moss had trouble coming up with
5:25 am
a ground ball. then a cleveland run. indians starter mcallister pitched a shutout into the 7th inning. cleveland won 1-0 and they will play again tonight. all right. our play of the day from major league baseball. miguel tejada with the out, there he goes. but the royals fell to the baltimore orioles 4-3. that is a nice play of the day. 5:25 right now. our first inside look inside the house of horrors. what life was like for three women held captive for years in cleveland. how close one of their relatives came to finding them. >> reporter: oakland will reveal a new crime-fighting report today. this comes as new fbi numbers show that oakland has the highest robbery rate in the country. we'll have the details coming up. >> plus an arson investigation at a well-known oakland bakery
5:26 am
and restaurant. how the damage could impact business. ,,
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help me, i'm amanda berry. >> i'm trying to get the door open and can't because it's been a tortur chamber. >> we are getting a peek inside the house of horrors where three women were held captive for years. >> i thought you were gone. >> no, i'm here. >> bullets actually going through the window here. >> a paving mistake leads to a traffic mess on the golden gate bridge. >> the asphalt unraveled because of the way it was set. >> the unraveling asphalt was in chunks and, you know, it
5:30 am
was flipping up and hitting windshields. >> oakland is shelling out big for a crime-fighting strategy. >> oakland has the highest robbery rate in the country. >> i don't know if it's an epidemic, that's how it feels. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, i'm michelle griego. frank has the morning off. time now is 5:30. firefighters finishing up in oakland this morning after fire damages a popular bakery. cruise were called to merritt bakery crews got the call about the flames at the merritt bakery on east 18th street and second avenue around 2:45. it was brought under control in the merritt bakery has been a staple in the city since the early 1950s. no word on the cause of the fire or the extents of the damage. two separate shootings in oakland overnight including one
5:31 am
that has firefighters ducking for cover. someone fired shots at a fire station on 50th avenue last night. no reports of injuries but firefighters dove for cover. it was a short distance from a fatal shooting around 9:00 on melrose avenue. that's oakland's 35th homicide of the year. 10 behind last year's pace. police are looking into whether the two shootings are related. oakland's crime problems will be the subject of a report due out today by a special commission. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us now with a preview and a new report on robberies in the city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. this new report that the city is expecting kind of comes on the heels of another report from the fbi that shows that oakland has the highest robbery rate in the country. now, the report that the city is expecting was prepared by a team of law enforcement consultants including bill bratton, a former police -- a former los angeles police chief and also the commissioner of the new york and boston police department. the city paid a quarter of a
5:32 am
million dollars to commission this report and as we mentioned earlier, it comes on the heels of another report in the tribune which calls oakland the every the robbery capital of america. the trib based its study from fbi figures from 2011 for cities with more than 100,000 people. oakland has 851 robberies per 100,000 residents, significantly higher than number 2 cleveland. san francisco was the second worse in the bay area with richmond and antioch not far behind. these numbers have many in oakland feeling uneasy. >> i don't know if it's an epidemic, if that's the right word, but that's how it feels. >> reporter: now, the tribune says there were more than 4300 robberies reported in oakland last year. that's an average of 12 per day. the tribune says that bratton's initial recommendations will focus on robberies and burglaries. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> cate, thank you. mayor quan called the new numbers completely
5:33 am
unacceptable. she is seeking city council approval to pay for more police. we want to go back to some developing news in oakland. we told you about a fire at a landmark bakery. holly quan joins us now live by phone from oakland with the latest. holly. >> reporter: well, merritt bakery and restaurant with its old school booths serving ice cream shakes and corned beef rubens has a regular cast but not today. 32 firefighters took an hour to put it out early this morning. there are some inside assessing the damage. the battalion chief says it doesn't start in the cooking area but it started in the back and burned storage and office space which is unusual. so it's a large office space, though. arson investigators are here, which is standard:no word on how extensive the damage is. but there is smoke and water on two floors and they are still trying to get ahold of the owners. >> holly quan, thank you so much for the very latest. the suspects in the kidnapping of three cleveland women will be in court this
5:34 am
morning. the "daily mail" published photos from inside the house. take a look. that's one of the suspects, ariel castro, with an ex- girlfriend. you can see the padlock on the basement door there. castro's son tells the "daily mail" his father was extremely secretive and wouldn't let him go into certain rooms when he wasn't there. cbs reporter vinita nair is in cleveland where family members are speaking out about the ordeal. >> reporter: amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight, the three women held captive for more than a decade, are now at an undisclosed location recuperating and spending time with their families. >> amanda. >> yeah, grandma. >> yeah. >> reporter: amanda berry's grandmother cried tears of joy as the two spoke for the first time in 10 years. it was a moment fern gentry never thought she would have. >> i thought you were gone. >> i'm here. >> reporter: the fbi has a special group of investigators talking with the women and families. >> much of the effort that we have that we are going to be doing over the next several days is going to be focusing on them. how could we and law
5:35 am
enforcement help speed the healing and the recovery process and treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve? >> reporter: at the crime scene, forensic specialists pored over every inch of the home where the women were found. >> there's 10 years of logistical information that has to be sorted through. >> reporter: police tell our local cbs affiliate woio that 52-year-old ariel the middle brother arrested in the case lured all three women in a trap. he tricked amanda berry into getting into his car while she walked home from her job at burger king. police say castro approached dejesus with his daughter a friend of hers them came back without his daughter and offered dejesus a ride. michelle knight was picked up in the same neighborhood in 2002. vinita nair, cbs news, cleveland. we're learning about a connection between one of the
5:36 am
suspects and the victims' families. gina dejesus's uncle said he played in bands with ariel castro one of the men accused of holding captives. he visited the house but never noticed anything out of the ordinary. the cleveland case has a lot of eerie similarities to the jaycee dugard story. she was honored in washington, d.c. last night for her work supporting kidnapping victims and their families. jaycee was kidnapped and held captive in an antioch home for 18 years. >> it's hard to believe that that story is me. >> just thank you for tonight. and i want to say what an amazing time to be talking about hope with everything that's happening. >> jaycee says the cleveland women need the opportunity to heal and to connect back into the world. switching gears now, 5:36,
5:37 am
another look at the weather. i'm already locking at the weekend. it's what, only -- i'm already looking at the weekend. it's what, only wednesday? >> i think that's a good thing to look forward to. the weekend will be nice. today's a transitional day with low clouds and fog surging onshore. we have drizzle at the coastline. and that low continues to spin some moisture into toward the central valley. some more showers in toward modesto and stockton this morning and maybe more thunderstorms over the sierra nevada. on the other hand, right now we are looking at temperatures 50s across the board this morning if you are stepping outside. a little gray in spots this afternoon. we'll find some partly cloudy skies. still some mild temperatures inland. 73 degrees in morgan hill. 71 in san jose. and about 73 degrees in cupertino. as you look toward the east bay, you're going to see some 70s outside by the afternoon. but these temperatures running a little cooler than yesterday. inside the bay as you approach the coastline, the fog will linger so you will be cool at 61 in san francisco, about 67 degrees in oakland. we have warmer days ahead that michelle is looking forward to. i know you're looking forward
5:38 am
to the warmer days, too, elizabeth. >> i always need a suntan i'm not translucent anymore. so any sunshine helps. towards the bay bridge small delays so far. so about a half hour from now we'll probably see those metering lights turned on but for right now we are just seeing a couple of delays, maybe in those outer cash lanes. yeah. it's a good commute so far across the bay bridge into san francisco. i want to take you to our maps now. an incident happened around midnight. a pickup truck ran off the road northbound 101 at candlestick and landed in the bay. the driver is in the hospital right now. he was sent to the hospital. but the truck is still fully submerged. right now there's no lanes blocked so it's just a visual distraction. some drivers have been calling it in especially now that the tide is receding. they can see it better. so they may call out a tow crewed now. we had heard they would wait for the end of the morning commute but they are requesting about 100 feet of cable so we'll let you know if it causes
5:39 am
delays. in the meantime, things are good towards san francisco. back to you. >> thank you. traffic should flow smoothly over the golden gate bridge today. the problem that caused delays yesterday was fixed overnight. it was near the north tower where seismic retrofit work is going on. and crews tried to make a smooth transition between a second new asphalt but the pavement -- the asphalt -- the new asphalt broke up and they closed some lanes when the rocks started hitting windshields. today we expect to get more answers about problems on the new bay bridge span. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the bridge with the very latest on the bolt fix. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are expect a big announcement today on which one of two designs they are choosing that will basically brace the east span of the bay bridge here behind me to make up for the 32 bolts that snapped on that east pier. we are also expecting a
5:40 am
timetable today for that fix and an indication of whether or not it will delay the bridge's opening on labor day weekend. we also might get some answers on the safety of some 200 other similar bolts along the span. they have been testing them for weeks and in the meantime, public confidence in the bridge and its builders is at a new low. >> they would not feel comfortable driving over the bridge. >> i sometimes wonder what the inspectors are doing. >> and as a taxpayer, where the hell is my money going to? >> reporter: now, governor brown is not concerned about the bridge problem. speaking to newspaper reporters yesterday, he said, quote, he doesn't know if it's a setback saying engineers are working on a fix. he added that it's premature to pull out our hair. and the governor feels people understand that things do go wrong. he said, i mean, look, "stuff" happens. he actually didn't say the word "stuff." he used a vulgarity in that context expressing that he is not concerned about the bridge.
5:41 am
we are going to hear more from transportation officials at 9:00 this morning. and, of course, we'll keep you posted on the kpix 5 news at noon and online. in the meantime, on treasure island, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> anne, what kind of price tag are we looking at for this fix? >> reporter: that information is expected to be announced today. word on the street is that this fix will cost well over a million dollars. and, of course, the bridge is already way over budget at $6.4 billion. >> all right. a lot of questions to be answered. anne makovec at the bay bridge, thank you. it's 5:41 right now. from heavy metal to murder-for- hire. the grammy nominated singer accused of trying to kill his wife. plus, a bay area supervisor admitted to gambling away public money. how much taxpayers will now be on the hook to fill his seat. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mexico city yesterday morni killing at least nineteen people. a re a gas tanker truck exploded in mexico city yesterday morning killing at least 19 people. a fireball from the blast tore through cars and homes injuring 36 others. this cell phone footage shows the blaze along with scorched
5:45 am
vehicles across the highway where it originalnated. 20 hopes and 16 -- where it originalnated. 20 homes and 16 vehicles were damaged. five people are dead after a cargo ship slammed into a control tower in genoa, italy. several people are not accounted for including some feared trapped inside a submerged elevator. wall street sets a new record and a new snapshot on the state of jobs. we turn now to ashley morrison of good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. it was another milestone for the dow jones industrial average. three trading days afte punching through 15,000 for the first time they closed above that level. home prices jumped the most in seven years. the dow was up 87. nasdaq was up 4. so far this year, the dow is up 15%. employers are posting fewer help wanted signs.
5:46 am
that u.s. labor department says new job openings fell 1.4% in march compared to february. there's about 3 unemployed people for every job that's available. home prices rose the most in 7 years in march. the data provider core logic says prices rose 10.5% compared to this same time last year. property values are rising because more buyers are bidding on a limited supply of available homes. always good to have good news on the housing market. it really struggled for so long but it's becoming the comeback kid now. >> yeah. but it's a bummer for a lot of people who want to buy a home because it's hard to find one. i was happy to hear this. apparently spanx does more for us than just slim us? >> it does. the founder is basically a giver here. the founder of spanx is promising to devote at least 50% of her wealth to philanthropy. the 42-year-old sarah blakely is the first female billionaire
5:47 am
to join the bill gates foundation that encourages rich people to give half of their wealth to charity. since it began in 2010, 114 billionaires have signed on. so sarah blakely giving away half her fortune and giving us the miracle of spanx. you know? don't you love it? they hurt but they work. >> i know. ashley morrison of, thank you. i know you're a big fan of spanx. >> i still don't know what spanx are. >> you don't? >> the lady is a billionaire. >> i'll look it up for you. >> do they have spanx for men? >> yes -- i don't know. [ laughter ] >> no idea. i don't think i want to talk about this anymore. [ laughter ] around the bay, we have some low clouds and fog surging well onshore. some drizzle as you approach the coastline. a little cool in spots as we head throughout the day today especially out at the beaches. still, we are going to see some changes in our weather over the next few days and i think you're going to like it. today a transitional day. in the afternoon we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. cool toward the coastline. mild in the valleys. and then it looks like it's
5:48 am
going to be warmer by the weekend. some places maybe up in the mid- 80s. low pressure slowly making its way eastward. as it moves out, it's going to drag the clouds with it. but still enough wraparound moisture that we are seeing more showers in the central valley but that shower threat will end as that low kicks east throughout the day. it looks like nice weather coming our way. we have a lot of clouds out there now even in the afternoon, some more clouds going to rotate around that system make their way through our skies to keep you a little bit cool especially out toward the coastline. delays at sfo now on arriving flights of over an hour. partly cloudy there by the afternoon so hopefully it will clean up in the latter part of the day. around the country partly cloudy in houston 84. chance of thunderstorms into denver 61, thunderstorms in new york. around the bay today, we'll see temperatures cool out toward the beaches, 50s and low 60s there. and then 60s and low 70s inside the bay and some 70s in the valleys and that's about as warm as it's going to get for now but warmer weather is expected as we head in toward tomorrow but much warmer on
5:49 am
friday. then high pressure could bring those temperatures very nicely into the mid-80s. how about that, liz? >> i know. looks good. i have been googling male spanx for you. they have them. >> now you know what i want for christmas. >> i know. it sucks in men's beer bellies. >> i need one. >> i'll show you the pictures. [ laughter ] 880 in oakland, we are hearing about an accident blocking the lot of lane northbound 880 by the 7th street exit. and it looks like right now it's not causing much of a delay at least from the view of where the oakland coliseum is. so again, there may be slight delays around the accident scene. it is northbound 880 at 7th. let's go to our maps. what's the golden gate commute like today after emergency repairs? everything is back to normal all lanes back open as of 5:00 this morning. they fixed those emergency repairs they had to do yesterday and overnight they got the new paving done and everything is quiet all the way down to southbound 101 from novato, san rafael and, yes, across the golden gate bridge. right now they have four
5:50 am
southbound lanes open in the commute direction getting towards san francisco. a quick note, early this morning right after midnight, there was a pickup truck that ran off the roadway into the bay northbound 101 at candlestick. it's not blocking lanes. they may call out a tow true to retrieve the car from the water. the driver was sent to the hospital. back to you. >> thank you. a grammy nominated heavy metal singer is accused of trying to kill his wife. officers arrested tim lambesis the front man of "as i lay dying" in san diego county yesterday. detectives got a tip that the 32-year-old hired someone to kill his wife. according to the band's website, as i lay dying is set to go on tour later this month. the santa clara county supervisor who resigned over misuse of public funds will end up costing taxpayers even more money. george shirakawa, jr., admitted to using a county credit card for leisure trips and eating out. now it's going to cost the city
5:51 am
at least $600,000 for an election to replace him. >> democracy, you know, does cost money. it's not cheap. it takes people to sort of, you know, run the election. and then all you can do is hope that people go out and vote. >> santa clara county's board of supervisors voted unanimously to replace shirakawa with a special election june 4. time now 5:51. a game changer in the treatment of prostate cancer. the new test that could cut the need for surgery. and talk about a bad habit. the drug bust that had these nuns in need of some divine intervention. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
police say these women are' nuns -- they're drug smuggl.
5:54 am
we're checking out your pollen count today running inned moderate category. we have some warmer weather ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we want to take you out toward the bay bridge this morning. we are beginning to see some delays at least in a few of the cash lanes. fastrak users still getting by fine. we'll have this and other traffic coming up in just about 10 minutes. well, don't let the habits fool you. police say these women are not nuns. they are drug smugglers. the three women were caught at an airport in colombia with 4 1/2 pounds of cocaine taped to each of their bodies. police say the women thought the disguise would spare them from being searched. apparently it was not the case. the man wanted in an armed robbery in the south bay wore a hard hat and bright yellow construction invests. san jose police released this photo of the suspect inside a store on stevens creek
5:55 am
boulevard. he identified himself as a subcontractor last month threatening the manager with a handgun. he stole cash. a new genes test may guide the treatment for prostate cancer. ucsf and cleveland clinic researchers say the test created by a redwood city company is the first of its kind. it uses a biopsy sample to look at the tumor's genetics. doctor suspect many men can live with and monitor their prostate cancer without surgery, chemo or radiation. >> i think there is no question in these genetic tests, this is the wave of the future. it tells us about the patient's tumor so it's precision medicine. >> half of all prostate cancers are low risk and may not need treatment. doctors say this test could be a game changer. google has another birthday tribute on its main page. graphic designers saul bass would have turned 93 today. today the masthead is replaced
5:56 am
with an animated doodle showing his work. his jobs over the years included work with girl scouts usa and the alfred hitchcock films north by northwest, vertigo and psycho. he died in 1996. 5:56 right now. in the next half hour he is the hero in the amazing rescue of three kidnapped women. the 911 call that's made him an overnight sensation. plus a fire tears through a landmark oakland bakery. why crews have such a hard time putting it out. >> reporter: and we are going to get some answers today on what is next for the troubled span of the new bay bridge. coming up, we'll tell you about the meeting on what's known as d-day. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww.
5:57 am
[ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ sorry... about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald an oakland landmark burns in an overnight fire. the investigation that could
6:00 am
keep a popular restaurant closed for a while. >> reporter: we are going to get some answers today on what is going to happen with the new span of the bay bridge. what is the fix? how much it will cost. and when it will be fixed. >> a sea breeze is blowing, low clouds and fog surge onshore. some drizzle too. will it clear out? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have an accident blocking one left lane on northbound 880 coming into the macarthur maze. is it impacting the morning drive? we'll let you know coming up. >> good morning. it's wednesday, may 8. i'm michelle griego. frank has the morning off. time now is 6:00. a big day for the new bay bridge construction. we're expecting to hear what's going to be done to fix dozens of broken bolts and repair public concerns about safety. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the bridge this morning. anne, what do you know? >> reporter: we have been waiting for today for a very long time. a lot of questions up in the air about what is next for the new span of the bay bridge he


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